Environmental Health

Environmental health is safe air, safe water, safe food, and safe places (homes, work, and recreation).  The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, together with the Departments of Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture, work to assure a safe and healthy environment and a safe and healthy food supply.


Surveillance Programs




Violent deaths Data and Statistics Work-Related Illness and Injuries
Injuries Environmental Public Health Tracking Reporting a Work-Related Illness
Cancer Investigations
County Profiles

Healthy Homes and Communities Programs

Healthy Homes




Lead Poisoning Medical Waste Summer Youth Camps Kids in Safety Seats
Asthma Clean Indoor Air Act Pools and Spas
Injury Prevention Harmful Algae Blooms
Indoor Tobacco Smoke Healthy Beaches
Carbon Monoxide
Tanning for Minors
Rape and Sexual Assault Prevention

Food Protection Programs

Licensing of Food Businesses

Milk and Dairy Products

For Consumers

Retail Starting  a dairy business Recalls
Processing Regulations When the power goes out
Food Emergency Response