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OHPETUP : eip-sbsrisk

Shaken Baby Risk Factors

  • Babies who cry non-stop, are fussy and are inconsolable are at high risk for SBS
  • Children under 12 months (1 year of age) are at the greatest risk for shaking. ┬áThe average ages for SBS incidents are 5-8 months and 13-24 months [2]
  • SBS is more common in male infants and children than in females and 60% of victims are males [2] thus more male babies are shaken in the first year of life than females.
    • This syndrome is 100 % preventable. Anyone is capable of shaking a baby who is unaware of the potentially fatal effects of doing that act.


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    Center for Health Promotion
    201 W. Preston Street, Room 306
    Baltimore Md 21201