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IMMUNET : what-is-immunet

ImmuNet Maryland's Immunization Registry

ImmuNet is Maryland's immunization registry, a confidential and secure computer database designed to collect and maintain accurate, confidential and current vaccination records. ImmuNet will promote effective and cost-efficient disease prevention and control that will improve the health of Maryland's children.

ImmuNet will benefit Maryland’s children in many ways:

  • Assure that all children receive appropriate and timely immunizations that promote healthy lives;
  • Assist doctors by creating reminders for upcoming or past due vaccinations for their patients;
  • Assist physicians by providing the most current immunization histories for all Marylanders;
  • Avoid duplicate immunizations;
  • Monitor vaccine safety;
  • Assist Public Health officials in improving the status of immunizations in Maryland; and
  • Prove to be a cost-effective,user friendly and efficient system.

Confidentiality is a top priority as we implement ImmuNet. Every measure has been taken to ensure that each ImmuNet record remains confidential and secure. In 2001, Senate Bill 626 was passed and established guidelines for creating and implementing ImmuNet.

In summary, Bill 626 states that:

  • The benefits of the ImmuNet system to the patient, provider and state.
  • Participation in the ImmuNet system is not mandatory. Parents may refuse to permit sharing of their child's information.
  • Providers and participants will receive a information about ImmuNet prior to administering an immunization.

The penalty for misuse of the confidential data in the ImmuNet system is severe.