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IMMUNET : Pharmacists

Pharmacy Immunization Data Submission to ImmuNet

Maryland's Immunization Information System (ImmuNet IIS)

Effective October 1, 2011 Code of Maryland Regulations (10.34.32) require that Maryland pharmacies report to the Maryland immunization registry (ImmuNet IIS) an influenza vaccination administered to individuals 9-18 years old.

It is preferable that pharmacies report data electronically to the ImmuNet IIS via Flat File or HL7 data exchange. DHMH has a SFTP site available to receive electronic immunization data submissions. Web services will be another option available for electronic data submissions in the near future. In the event that a pharmacy does not have the means to submit electronic data, direct manual entry into the ImmuNet IIS is also available.

Maryland’s immunization registry can be located at this website: Maryland Immunization Registry

Please complete the following survey in order to enroll your pharmacy in the Maryland ImmuNet IIS. Based on the information you provide, a DHMH representative will contact you to discuss electronic data exchange testing or direct manual entry into ImmuNet. Each pharmacy location should complete a separate survey for enrollment purposes. DHMH will accept a single electronic data submission from a pharmacy’s corporate headquarters that includes data for all of the individual pharmacy locations.

If you have any questions related to ImmuNet IIS please contact the ImmuNet Help Desk, 410-767-6606 or