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Division of Milk Control


The State of Maryland milk program serves as the basis for ensuring to the public, safe and healthy milk and dairy products supply. The Center for Milk Control has the sole responsibility to ensure that all milk and milk products and frozen desserts are produced, processed, and distributed in compliance with all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations. read more

Licensing & inspection of Dairy Farms, Milk Processing Plants, Frozen Dessert Manufacturers, bulk milk receiving or transfer stations, and wholesale distribution facilities handling Grade A milk products

  • Licensing and certification of Dairy Farm Inspectors working with the Dairy Industry
  • Licensing and evaluation of Bulk Milk Hauler/Samplers
  • Licensing Milk Transportation Companies operating within the State of Maryland
  • Sampling and evaluation of test results for both raw and finished dairy products
  • Sanitation inspections of bulk milk tanks
  • Perform equipment, process, and facility reviews
  • Investigation of dairy related complaints
  • Issuing export certificates of sanitation and free sale for food products manufactured in Maryland

Plan Review

Restaurants, Grocery Stores, more…

Food Processing

Seafood, bakeries, food warehouses, more…


Contact Us

Laurie Bucher
Chief, Center for Milk Control
Office of Food Protection and Consumer Health Services
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
6 St. Paul Street, Suite 1301 Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone - 410-767-8429
Fax - 410-333-8931