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Maryland Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) 8th Grade Curriculum

This page includes the instructional materials developed through a grant awarded to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The introductory file should be read first. Three EPHT topics are included, asthma, drinking water and environmental health. There are five separate files for each EPHT content area that include, lesson plan, slides for student distribution, slides with teacher notes, slides without teacher notes and technical terms defined. All files are saved using the same PDF format. The 8th grade EPHT curriculum can be used as developed or modified, since it is in the public domain. For additional information about this outreach material, contact the Maryland EPHT.

A. About the Maryland EPHT 8th Grade Curriculum

  • MD EPHT 8th Grade Curriculum

  • B. Asthma

  • Asthma Lesson Plan
  • Asthma PowerPoint Slides for Students
  • Asthma Power Point Slides with Teacher Notes
  • Asthma PowerPoint Slides
  • Asthma Technical Terms Defined
  • Our Air, Our Health Video New

  • C. Drinking Water

  • Drinking Water Lesson Plan
  • Drinking Water PowerPoint Slides for Students
  • Drinking Water PowerPoint Slides with Teacher Notes
  • Drinking Water PowerPoint Slides
  • Drinking Water Technical Terms Defined
  • Our Water, Our Health Video New

  • D. Environmental Health

  • Environmental Health Lesson Plan
  • Environmental Health PowerPoint Slides for Students
  • Environmental Health PowerPoint Slides with Teacher Notes
  • Environmental Health PowerPoint Slides
  • Environmental Health Technical Terms Defined