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Consumer Health and Safety : youth-camp-resources

Youth Camp Resources

Winning with Asthma

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown has teamed up with the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American - Maryland, Greater DC Chapter (AAFA-MD) to promote asthma awareness in the state, particularly among youth sports coaches.

Learn more about asthma, how it affects a student athlete's ability to compete, and how to help manage an athlete's symptoms.

Take the pre-test, watch the instructional video, and upon successful completion of the post-test, receive a signed certificate of recognition from the Lt. Governor, the "Coach's Clipboard", and educational materials via mail.

Lyme Disease

Describes basics of Lyme disease, prevention, and reporting.

DHMH Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease in Maryland

Take a bite out of Rabies

Memo to Camps re: Bats and Rabies

Lyme Disease Information for Parents

Tick Bite Notification

Summer Transportation Safety

DHMH Interpretative Memorandums

CPR and First Aid Health Personnel

Health Log Signatures at Youth Camps

Prescriptive Order for Medication Including Nonprescription Medication

Essential Information and Links

Extreme Heat-Preventing Heat Related Illnesses

Child Abuse and Neglect, Reporting and Staff Training
Identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect

CJIS Fingerprint Card Order Form
Link to order applications for criminal history record checks.

Communicable Disease Fact Sheets
Link to communicable disease information.

Communicable Disease Summary
A guide for school health, child care and camp personnel.

Criminal History Record Check
Describes how to comply with criminal history record checks for youth camp employees.

Emergency Preparedness

Severe Weather Emergency Plan
Guide to developing a Severe Weather Emergency Plan.

Maryland Flu Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Business Plan

Fire Safety Inspection
Describes how to obtain a fire safety inspection.

Health Program and Emergency Procedures
Describes how to write health program and emergency procedures.

DHMH Center for Immunization

Reportable Diseases
List of communicable diseases and conditions that camps must report to local health departments.

Required Reports of Injury or Illness
Describes when and how to report injuries and illnesses to parents, health supervisor, and DHMH.

Maryland Beaches Program
The Maryland Department of the Environment is working with local health departments to enhance beach water quality monitoring and improve the public notification process regarding beach water quality in Maryland.

Bathing Beaches
Beach Users can obtain information regarding beaches by contacting the local health department.