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Consumer Health and Safety : regulation-COMAR-10.16.01

Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 10.16.01,
Migratory Labor Camps

Overview: The purpose of the Migratory Labor Camp Permit is to protect the health and safety of migratory labor camp occupants. Migratory labor camps serve as housing for temporary agricultural employees. Agricultural employers, camp operators, farm labor contractors, and others who provide housing for migrant agricultural workers must obtain the Migratory Labor Camp Permit. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene inspects housing to ensure compliance with regulations.

Requirements: Pre-Approval: An applicant must submit an application including documentation of compliance with local zoning, local building code requirements, state and local fire safety codes, and state and local water/sewer regulations. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene conducts a pre-opening inspection to determine if the housing is ready for occupancy.

Post-Approval: The Department conducts routine operating inspections to ensure that the housing is maintained and is kept in a clean and sanitary condition.

Online Migratory Labor Camp Regulations

To access the MD Migratory Labor Camp Regulations, COMAR 10.16.01, go to On the left side choose “COMAR On Line”. Choose Search Option #3, “Access Through Table Of Contents”. From the Title list, choose: 10 Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Then choose: 10.16.01 Migratory Labor Camps. Each regulation is listed separately; choose COMAR

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